Who hasn’t dreamed of crossing the Pyrenees? TwoNav now makes this possible by way of a project that will put our latest product to the test: the Trail2, the new GPS designed for hiking and mountaineering, and the cycling version, the Trail2 Bike. Experience the challenge with us and enjoy a complete, safe and satisfying outdoor experience from start to finish thanks to the entire TwoNav ecosystem. The outdoors is our playground, and we want to keep it that way, so TwoNav will donate €1 for every kilometer travelled by each team during the Trail2 Challenge.

TwoNav Trail 2 Challenge

Who has never dreamed of a transpyrenean?
Live the challenge with us and enjoy a complete outdoor experience. We test our latest GPS: Trail 2.

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The Challenge

2 teams, 1 challenge: cross the Pyrenees from coast to coast

900 km and 25,700 meters of positive slope separate Saint Jean de Luz (France) from Cadaqués (Catalan Costa Brava).

The teams will have to face this challenge in the opposite direction, one team will leave Saint Jean de Luz walking and the other from Cap de Creus by bicycle. Both teams will be equipped with the latest TwoNav GPS: Trail 2, the new GPS for hiking/mountaineering and with a cycling version, Trail2 Bike.

The challenge will begin the 3rd week of October. Follow us and discover where both teams will meet.

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An intelligent ecosystem designed to make the most of your adventures.

When planning an outdoor outing, such as the Trail 2 Challenge, there are three fully defined phases: preparation, experience and subsequent analysis. Elements of the TwoNav ecosystem are involved in each of them. Discover them!

Create your itinerary with Land

The track we are going to follow during the Trail 2 Challenge has been created and edited with the Land software (Windows / Mac).

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Quality Maps

The route has been worked in detail thanks to the extensive catalog of maps from around the world available in our map store.

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Synchronize the route with Cloud GO

Once created, we synchronize the route with the GO Cloud to have it stored and accessible at any time from different environments.

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Follow the route with GPS Trail 2

Teams must enjoy the challenge, navigate with confidence and arrive safely at the destination, using the new GPS Trail 2 device.

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Relay position with SeeMe

Follow the live broadcast of the challenge at all times and guess at what point the 2 teams will meet.

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Share activities with GO

When the challenge ends, participants will share their activity automatically on Strava, Training Peaks, Twitter or Google Drive.

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Discover how our products are interrelated to have a more complete and safe outdoor experience from start to finish.

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